For Work Robots Integrated Options Teach Pendant - TP1

Epson Teach Pendant - TP1

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  • Easy Jogging and Teaching of Robot Points
  • IP65 Enclosure
  • Menu Driven User Interface
  • Easy Connection to RC700, RC620+, RC180, or RC90 Controller

Most Epson Robot users use the Jog and Teach Window from Epson RC+ to teach points for their robots. However, there are times when having a teach pendant to get close to the positions you are teaching makes things easier. For those times, we offer the TP1 Teach Pendant. With all the latest safety features such as slow speed control, 3 position enable switch and resettable type E-Stop, the TP1 meets all the safety standards for robots including ANSI/RIA 15.06 and many more.

With the TP1, jogging and teaching points is made easy with dedicated jogging buttons and a menu driven user interface. You can also access (turn on/off) I/O points and Memory I/O points as well as execute motion commands. Some of the features for the TP1 include:

  • Teaching, Saving, Editing Points
  • I/O Command Execution and Status Display
  • Memory I/O Command Execution and Status Display
  • Task Monitor, I/O Monitor, Memory I/O Monitor
  • Low Power Mode for Jogging
  • Slow Speed control for Jogging
  • System History
  • 3 position Enable Switch (Right and Left Handed)
  • Resettable Type E-Stop
  • Teach and Auto Mode Selection (by removable Key)

The TP1 is available with 3, 5 or 15 meter cables and with standard (D-Sub) or IP65 (circular type) connectors.


Available Controllers: RC700
RC90Communication Interfaces: Communication Interface: RS422A (Serial)
Connector Types: 25 Pin D-Sub (std); IP65 Round (Option)Other: Wall Bracket: Optional
Jogging: Step and Continuous Supported
Password Setting: Yes (only authorized users gain TP1 access)

Physical Specifications:

Display: Display Area Size: 40 x 15 characters
Display Element: Black and White LCD
Contrast: 8-level Gray Scale
Backlight: White LEDGeneral Ratings: Size: 251.9mm x 240mm x 114mm (55mm main based thickness)
Weight: 2.37 lbs
Rated Voltage: DC24V
Electric Power Consumption: 6W or less
Ambient Temperature: 0-50 Deg C
Protection Level: IP65 (needs Optional IP65 Connector)Safety: Safety: ANSI 15.06
Enable Switch: 3 position (right and left handed switches incl)
E-Stop: Mushroom Resetting type with Red Color